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  1. Hi everybody, Can anybody please tell me where I can find global Mars data on longtitude, lattitude and elevation. Just a txt file, not all sorts of mumbo jumbo interactive maps and such. I have been looking for it but this site is the pits and other sites don't help you out any further either. It would be a great help. Thanks in advance, Roel Knol, Netherlands.
  2. Hi there, I am working on my Astronomy Bachelor thesis and for that I need to analyse the Mars ground temperatures during at least one Mars year. My problems is that I can't seem to find the relevant data to process while I am sure it must be available in the available data sets. And I can assure: this was not due to lack of searching; can anyone help me please? I think I am looking for the wrong thing. How did others manage to extract (ground) temperatures? Any ideas are welcome. Big thanks in advance, Regards, Roel Knol, Holland.
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