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  1. Hi, I think there is a misunderstanding. The request i have made first was for a box from Lat:15.26, Long:344.24 to Lat:14.71, Long:343.69. Which correspond to the red dot on my chart. The mlascirdr1201220114.Tab was in this box and that is why i don't understand why there are no data available for this area.
  2. Hi there again, Sorry to bother you again but it seems that when i compute the data to see if the track go trough the box i requested there are also no data available. I join you the plot i have made with the data i received. The box is represented by the red cross. I am pretty sure that if the track continued, it will reach the box. http://www.casimages.com/f.php?f=140411110513644413.pdf (Sorry i don't know how to host picture on the internet) I don't know if there is a probleme with the pds file I have download, but even when I checked from the tab file on my browser, or in an text editor, I couldn't find any point within the box. While the map search i made for MLA data told me that there were data in the box. Moreover my mlascirdr1201220114.Tab file is 21.1 Mo, so i don't know what is wrong here. Thank you for the time you spend helping me. Have a nice day
  3. Hi, I made a mistake, because for me Longitude is from -180 to + 180. Which mean that the area if from Lat:15.26, Long:344.24 to Lat:14.71, Long:343.69. I Oppened it in Gedit to see the data, and it seems that we never go in range of the area I selected, I have also check this morning in my internet browser and it was the same problem. Thank for helping me and for this quick answer
  4. Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the rigth place to ask this but i have a problem. I have submit a request on Mercury Data Orbital Explorer for MASCS and MLA Data and it seems that the requested was not fulfilled. I selected an area from Lat:15.26, Long:164.24 to Lat:14.71, Long:163.69 and asked for a RDR MLA which producti id is MLASCIRDR1201220114 and when I extract the data I needed, it turns out there were nothing within the box. So I plotted the track to see if it goes until the box and apparently it stop at Lat: ~34; Long:~350 So i wanted to know if you had any idea about how to solve my problem, or some person that I should contact which could help me having the Data. And if anyone here can help me i give here the order number : 140401-475. Have a nice day Best regards, Herserant Willis M2 Planetology
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