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  1. Hello, I want to know what is the way in which I can remove surface clutter from SHARAD data for proper subsurface feature analysis. Some code or software, if already present, would be very helpful. Thanks Ranjan
  2. Hi Susie, That was of great help, I was able to save a binary file and open it in ENVI. Thank you very much!! Regards Ranjan
  3. Hello, I'm new to SHARAD data and facing problems viewing the 2D radargrams. I have tried to open them with NASAView but it is only showing me columns of numbers. I tried to open the images with ENVI but even with different combinations of header offset, columns and rows, I am not able to view the radargrams. The browse images are there, but to analyze the images I need to view them in ENVI. Could someone please tell me how I might be able to visualize the radargrams in ENVI? (A sample header file for a SHARAD rdr file would also be very helpful). Thank you! Ranjan
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