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Creating an RGB image from MER and Phoenix data

Christina Kreisch


One of the many features of the MER and Phoenix Analyst's Notebooks is the ability to create an RGB image from three images taken by the Pancam stereo cameras.


The initial steps to create an RGB image are the same as for creating an anaglyph image. The RGB feature is found under Image Processing in the Product Sequence menu for a given set of images. By going into "Sol Summaries" (for Spirit, Opportunity, or Phoenix), you will be able to select a sol and then view the data products from the "Report" menu. By choosing a sequence with stereo images, the product sequence overview page will be displayed. Click on "Image Processing" from the sequence menu (on the left of the overview page), and then click on "Create RGB" to open the dialog.


Here, you can choose individual frames as the red, green, or blue elements based upon the frames' wavelengths. For Pancam left eye images, selecting filters 2, 5, and 7 for red, green, and blue, respectively, will best approximate the human eye. After selecting the frames, the RGB image can be created for display or download.


For example, from Opportunity sol 13 let's use the Pancam sequence P2376 starting at SCLK 129339802:



Click to enlarge.


The above screen shot shows the window after clicking the desired Pancam sequence (1P129339802EFF0300P2376L2C1) in the data products. Once you click on "Image Processing," your screen will look like the below image.



Click to enlarge.


After assigning the red, green, and blue images as left filters 2, 5, and 7, respectively, the completed RGB image (see below) is displayed.



Click to enlarge.


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I am trying to obtain colour images from monochrome images captured by MERB

It seems like the method for obtaining a colour images from available monochrome images has been simplified since this procedure 

On trying the new system  however I have two issues:

1 - Instead of allowing a preview of the colour image system downloads the RGB image  
2 -The downloaded image is monochrome

Maybe I am misssing something as the procedure is no longer as described here

Sorry to trouble you with this...

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Hi Dane -

You are correct...the Analyst's Notebook has changed a lot over the past 8 years. The procedure is largely the same, although the resulting image is downloaded rather than popped open, as you say. It is important to note that the RGB is created using a simple algorithm that performs a 2% linear stretch on the source images and then assigns them to the red, green, and blue channels to make the composite image. Ideally, one would want to perform custom stretches on radiometrically calibrated source images using image processing software such as ENVI. The scene content affects the Notebook's default linear stretch and thus how the simple RGB looks.

What is the image you are working with? And how important is it to you to have the custom image pop up in a browser tab vs direct download?

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