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ODE V3.1 Released including Viking Orbiter, Lunar Orbiter, Mars Odyssey GRS, and Chandrayaan-1 Mini-RF Forerunner data sets

K.J. Bennett

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• ODE V3.1 includes new links in the product results page:

- USGS Pilot Link

- PDS Web Site Link

- Instrument Team Link

Chandrayaan-1 Mini-RF Forerunner Data Added

• Updated Lunar Chandrayaan-1 Mini-RF Forerunner PDR, CDR, and Map-Projected CDR, products from January 7th, 2009 to August 28th, 2009

• Updated Lunar Chandrayaan-1 Mini-RF Forerunner Mosaic CDR products from February 2nd, 2009

Lunar Orbiter Camera Data Added

• Updated Lunar Orbiter 24 inch Camera products from February 16th, 1967 to August 18th, 1967

• Updated Lunar Orbiter 80mm Camera products from February 17th, 1967 to August 18th, 1967

Mars Odyssey GRS Data Added

• Updated Mars Odyssey GRS products released through March 1st, 2011

Viking Orbiter Camera Data Added

• New Viking Orbiter 1/2 EDR Products from June 22nd, 1976 to July 20th, 1980

• New Viking Orbiter 1/2 MDIM Products

• New Viking Orbiter 1/2 DTM Products


See http://ode.rsl.wustl.edu/mars/pagehelp/quickstartguide/index.html?mars_ode_holdings.htm

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