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  1. Good morning I was looknig at the gravitational data provided in JGMRO_110C_SHA.TAB and I could not understand how to use the uncertainties provided. I see that for example the third column of the first line provides a value of 1.9E-05 and the description of this number is "For a gravity field model the uncertainty in the gravitational constant GM in kilometers cubed per seconds squared for the planet" I wanted to generate a "perturbed" gravity field based on this uncertainty. How would you recommend to do it? Shall I assume a uniform distribution and compute the Real_GM = Nominal_GM + uniform(-1,1)*uncertainty Or do you recomend using a gaussian distribution using the uncertainty as 1-sigma value? In a similar way, the file also provides uncertainties for the coefficients Cmn and Smn. How shall understand this uncertainties if I want to create a perturbed (non-nominal) gravity field using all the coefficients and uncertainties provided in the file? Should I use a similar formulation of the one presented above? Many thanks in advance Kind regards, Alvaro
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