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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I was trying to search for LROC Wide Angle Camera Color data: "Calibrated Data Record Wide Angle Camera - Color (CDRWAC)" for a region of interest. The search returned 947 files. I tried searching for ways to either filter out data or sort it in a way that I don't have to go through each record. However, other than basic options such as by Mission, Instrument, Product ID and Observation Parameters, there were not a whole lot of options. I wish to share a few suggestions that I could think of, that might help: a) Sorting by coverage: While there were some data covering very small parts of the region of interest (ROI), there were others covering large parts of ROI. b) Sorting by spatial resolution: I could not locate if all the data were acquired with same spatial resolution. If not, that could be another possibility. c) Sorting by Data Size d) Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted solutions: Not sure if it sounds far fetched but there could be simple routines that can be prepared to offer an 'optimized download solution' if the user desires. For example, in my case, an algorithm could be implemented using 'data with minimum size and maximum coverage of ROI' or 'data with highest resolution for ROI' or 'data clustered on the basis of same resolution and geographic proximity to provide set of data with seamless coverage'. Lastly, at conferences like Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), it would be great to have 30-45 min workshops at your booth on: a) Solutions to most commonly asked questions by planetary community (viz. opening PDS data into ENVI) b) New Data products from Recent Missions c) Useful tools for handling planetary data Hope to hear back your thoughts. Best Wishes Deepak
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