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  1. The MSL Mastcam Photometry bundle is released.

    This bundle contains derived data from the Mastcam and Navcam instruments on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover. The three-dimensional cubes contain core bands of Mastcam multispectral images calibrated to radiance and radiance factor. Navcam stereo images were used to provide bands containing geometric information. The data were generated by Jeff Johnson, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

  2. Priyanka,

    Unfortunately the CRISM team has no plans to produce MTRDR products for CRISM observations acquired past May 21, 2012. The current processing that creates the MTRDRs also does VNIR/IR data joining and browse product generation using information from EPF sequences. Once the scanning gimbal started experiencing issues (limited or no EPF sequences), and especially after the IR heaters died (no IR data), using the current processing on those subsequent images became impossible.

    Jennifer Ward
    PDS Geosciences Node

  3. The XAS Spectra of Synthesized Glasses bundle has been released. These data have been added to the Spectral Library interface.

    This database includes X-Ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure (XAS) spectral data from a PDART investigation of synthesized glasses (DOI 10.2138/am-2016-5555). In this investigation, multivariate techniques were used to enable accurate XAS measurements of Fe, Cr, Mn, and Ti ratios across the whole spectral region through creation of a broad suite of experimentally homogenized glasses of geological relevance for use as XAS standards. Iron, Cr, Mn, and Ti were analyzed as epoxy-mounted polished glass beads using XAS at the GeoSoilEnviroCARS beamline at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory using a spot size of ca. 1x1 μm.

  4. The Astromaterials Database bundle is posted.

    This bundle is a compendium of published geochemical data on astromaterials analyzed in terrestrial laboratories. The data were compiled by Kerstin Lehnert and colleagues as part of a PDART project now available online (https://www.astromat.org/) and further archived by the PDS Geosciences Node.

    The data may be accessed here:

  5. Hello. I spoke with members of the CRISM team, and unfortunately there are no plans to produce MTRDR products for CRISM observations acquired during 2020. There will only be 2 or 3 more deliveries from the team, and these deliveries will not include any MTRDR data past May 21, 2012. These deliveries will just fill in the gaps prior to that date.

    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer Ward
    PDS Geosciences Node

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