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  1. LRO Diviner GDR, GCP, PCP, and PRP data products, previously found on the Diviner PDS3 RDR data volume, LRODLR_1001, have been moved to the Diviner derived data bundle, urn:nasa:pds:lro_diviner_derived1.

    Redirects have been implemented. Saved file paths within the old directories will be redirected to the same files in the new location, and attempting to navigate through the old directory structure will redirect you to the new location.

  2. This bundle consists of Passive Seismic Experiment (PSE) observations in two collections, the SEED (Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data) collection and the ASCII table collection. The SEED collection contains data in MiniSEED files and their metadata in DatalessSEED files. The ASCII Table collection contains the same data in PDS-compliant ASCII files, with the data in GeoCSV (comma-separated value) tables and the metadata in StationXML files. These data were compiled by Ceri Nunn, Yosio Nakamura, Sharon Kedar, and Mark Panning as part of a PDART project and archived by the PDS Geosciences Node.

  3. The Ronald Greeley 35mm Slide Collection consists of color and grayscale slides that include images of planetary bodies (Moon, planets, asteroids, and comets), planetary missions (e.g., Voyager, Galileo, Viking), planetary analog sites on Earth, and presentation materials for research results presented at national conferences. The slides were produced by Dr. Ronald Greeley during his tenure as a research scientist in the late 1960s while at working at NASA Ames, through to the early 2000s when he was a Regents Professor at Arizona State University. The slides were digitized to preserve the research materials of Dr. Ronald Greeley, who played a critical role in the planetary missions to the planets of the inner and outer Solar System.

    Presently, only the Jovian System bundle is archived at the Geosciences Node. Additional bundles may be added in the future.

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