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Found 2 results

  1. The Apollo Passive Seismic Experiment Expanded Event Catalog Bundle is released at the PDS Geosciences Node. This bundle contains an integrated catalog of lunar seismic events, including event timing, amplitude, quality, location, and classification of seismic sources, gathered from multiple published works as well as new analyses. These data were compiled by Renee Weber (NASA MSFC) as part of the PDART award “Apollo Passive Seismic Experiment Expanded Event Catalog.”
  2. This bundle contains ASCII tables containing corrected, reduced, and concatenated versions of all available calibrated data from the Apollo 15 and 17 Heat Flow Experiment, along with supporting documentation and source data. These tables are based on other data in the PDS and the published literature, specifically (1) transcriptions of data sent by the original instrument team to the NSSDC and (2) data not archived by the instrument team and recovered much later from ARCSAV tapes. The data here correct several errors in (1), and furthermore place (1) and (2) into a standardized format for ease of use. This bundle was provided by Matthew Siegler (Planetary Science Institute) and Michael St. Clair and Chase Million (Million Concepts).
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