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    In ENVI, you can assign map information to a PDS image based on values from the PDS label.
    1. Download an image and corresponding PDS label file (.lbl extension) to the same directory.
    2. Open the image in ENVI. It will not be map projected.
    3. Select File > Edit ENVI Header and select the image. Click OK.
    4. From Edit Attributes, choose Map Info...
    5. Click Change Proj.
    6. Unless you already have the correct lunar projection, create a new one (steps below assume projection does not exist).
    7. Click New... on the Projection Selection dialog box.
    8. Enter values based on label. For example, sphere radius 1738000 (notice in meters), projection type sinusoidal, 0 false
    easting and northing, 74 central meridian longitude. (False easting/northing not in the label.)
    9. Save projection and map_proj file. Select newly created projection.
    10. In the Edit Map Information dialog, enter values from the label. For example, image coordinate x,y of 1.5,1.5 (the upper left
    corner) might be 0,50 with pixel size of 400 m/pixel. Click OK to save map information and OK to save header.
    Due to a technical issue, the original comments on this blog post were lost. A transcription of the comments can be found below.
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