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  1. Respected Sir/Madam I am Mtech student in RS GIS and working on the CRISM data for my major project. I want MTRDR data for this project for the year of 2020 but the data updated in the PDS Geosciences Node is till the May 21, 2012. So can you please update me about when the directory will get updated with the latest MTRDR data and can you please guide me regarding the processing for getting it out from the raw EDR data. I will be thankful to you.
  2. edr.pdfHello Sir, I am tarun singh panu, m.tech student , working on crism data . I am using CAT for preprocessing of crism data. i am using EDR data namely, ato0005163d_01_sc125s_edr0 and need to get MTRDR for the same as the MTRDR data set at pds geoscience node is updated till the may 21, 2012. If possible , Please share the pdf source for the same .
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