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ODE - Interim Releases of MRO SHARAD EDR Data Loaded into ODE

June Wang

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January 12th, 2018 –Interim Releases of MRO SHARAD EDR data loaded into ODE.

Updated SHARAD EDR products from December 6th, 2006 to February 21st, 2015 (orbits through -40185)

Interim Release. January 12, 2018.
This release includes a redelivery of select EDR datasets due to errors in the selection of corresponding raw data files. The affected IDs are:
edr2689301    edr2695502    edr2689501    edr2695801    edr2690401    edr2698501
edr2692001    edr2717901    edr2692401    edr2720601    edr2692402    edr3325001
edr2693301    edr3334301    edr2695201    edr3486101    edr2695501   

Interim Release. January 4, 2018.
Two errors were discovered in the SHARAD Auxiliary Data Files for releases 23 through 34. The value of Orbit Number and the sign of Spacecraft Radial Velocity were incorrect. This release corrects all the errors in the affected observations.

See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html
See ERRATA.TXT (http://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/mro/mro-m-sharad-3-edr-v1/mrosh_0003/errata.txt) for more details.


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