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New - ODE Cart Request Download Page

Dan Scholes

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ODE has recently released a new ODE cart request download page. This is a new option for accessing a requested ODE cart request. A link to the page is provided in the order fulfillment email that a user receives after their cart request is ready for download. The new ODE cart request download page supports multiple download methods and offers faster options for users to retrieve requested ODS files.

The  ODE cart request download page contains a single click link to download the entire user cart request using the Aspera Connect web browser plug-in. This option provides a convenient and fast download method for most users. The Aspera Connect browser plug-in employs the FASP data transfer technology to better utilize the user’s available bandwidth. HTTP and FTP links are provided on the page for users who prefer to download the files through a client application, a different web browser plug-in, a local script, or directly through the web browser.

Additionally, the page supports browsing and downloading specific directories and files of the cart request through the Aspera Connect web browser plug-in or using direct HTTP links. Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously through this page.

Try the new page the next time you request PDS products through the ODE cart!



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