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June Wang

ODE - Mars Odyssey Release 60 Data Loaded into ODE

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July 10th, 2017 - Mar Odyssey Release 60 Data Updates

Updated THEMIS standard data products (IREDR, IRRDR, IRBTR, VISEDR, VISRDR and VISABR data) from February 19th, 2002 to December 26th, 2016
Updated THEMIS geometry data products (IRGEO2, IRPBT2, VGEO2, and VISALB data) from September 28th, 2013 to December 26th, 2016
Loaded NS and HEND raw and derived data into ODE through December 31st, 2016
See https://wufs.wustl.edu/ode/odeholdings/Mars_holdings.html and http://static.mars.asu.edu/pds/errata.txt.


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