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Hello sir,

I am Priyanka Kumari currently working on mineral mapping using CRISM Data. I want to know why MROCR_40001 (MTRDR DATA) Is not available after 2012?

I need recent mtrdr data for my current research.

can you please help to get MTRDR data from 2015 to 2021?

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Unfortunately the CRISM team has no plans to produce MTRDR products for CRISM observations acquired past May 21, 2012. The current processing that creates the MTRDRs also does VNIR/IR data joining and browse product generation using information from EPF sequences. Once the scanning gimbal started experiencing issues (limited or no EPF sequences), and especially after the IR heaters died (no IR data), using the current processing on those subsequent images became impossible.

Jennifer Ward
PDS Geosciences Node

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thankyou for the information sir

yes sir I am using the CAT tool using ENVI software.

TRR3 data set has FRT(Full Resolution Target) file till 2012  but after that hsv. file (Multispectral data) is present till 2020.

So, why hyperspectral data is not available after 2012?




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