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how to process LROC caliberated wac data?

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Obviously it depends on what you want to do with the data but, in general, the best tool for working with LROC data is the USGS ISIS toolkit.  The LROC science team uses ISIS for most LROC processing and it has built-in LROC features. 


In addition, the ISIS forum is one of the best places to get help in using LROC data.



Keith Bennett

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This post seems to be discussing two topics: how to process WAC data and how to extract elevation/height information from WAC data.


To process WAC EDRs into something you can extract meaningful, scientifically valid information,  you should download the USGS ISIS software. This will allow you to calibrate the WAC EDR products and if needed, map project the observations.


To extract elevation/height data, you either need to start with a digital terrain model (either derived from geometric stereo observations or an instrument like LOLA). Image data in and of itself does not provide that information with out performing some complex processing. For the moon, two excellent sources of elevation/height information are the LOLA products and the WAC GLD100 product. For higher resolution height/elevation, there are NAC DTM products but there is limited coverage of the lunar surface (< 1%).

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