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Using CRISM data to show mineralogy

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Hello, I am a fourth year Geology student, and for my research project I am doing a comparison of Martian and Terran Alluvial Fans. I'd like to use CRISM data to display the mineralogy of fans in craters. However, the way I was planning on doing this was using ArcMap to show intensity of pixels in bands. I'm not sure if this is a valid methodology and I'd appreciate any advice on how to go about displaying mineralogy. I understand that analysis can be done using ENVI, but I've not had any experience with this. I would also say I'm just about competent in using ArcMap.

Thank you!

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Hi Maeve: ENVI is the main way that researchers process CRISM data, including mapping mineral parameter maps. Do you have access to ENVI? And do you know which CRISM scenes you would like to use? I can tutor you through using ENVI and CRISM data, but first let me know if you have access to ENVI software.

Ray Arvidson

Geosciences Node Manager and CRISM Team Member.

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