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New LRO Diviner Polar Cumulative Products (PCPs)

Jennifer Ward

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New LRO Diviner Polar Cumulative Products (PCPs) are available. Nadir-pointing RDR data from July, 5, 2009 to Feb 17, 2019 has been compiled at a resolution of 240 m/pix into polar stereographic maps of temperatures poleward of 80 degrees latitude at fixed local times and fixed subsolar longitudes to provide an overview of diurnal temperatures of the polar regions. The data have been divided into winter and summer seasons, defined by the times of year when the subsolar latitude is above or below the equator, to characterize the variations in seasonal temperatures that result from the 1.54 degree angle between the Moon's spin pole and the ecliptic plane. Details can be found in Williams, J.-P., B. T. Greenhagen, D. A. Paige, N. Schorghofer, E. Sefton-Nash, P. O. Hayne, P. G. Lucey, M. A. Siegler, and K.-Michael Aye (2019) Seasonal polar temperatures on the Moon, Journal of Geophysical Research, 124, 2505-2521, https://doi.org/10.1029/2019JE006028.

Data are available here:


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