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Updates to MakeLabels - label generator 6.2

Dan Scholes

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We have released a new version of our MakeLabels tool. The new 6.2 version includes additional features to help with the creation of PDS labels.

The program and documentation can be found on the PDS Geosciences Node's MakeLabels page.

Version 6.2 updates include:

  • The output label destination directory is created, if it does not already exist and the user has appropriate permissions.
  • Any template label tags that are not replaced (due to syntax errors or missing columns in the spreadsheet) are listed in the post-processing summary report.
  • The MakeLabel's GUI interface now has a sizeable report window.
  • The report summary has been moved to the end of the processing output report.
  • The option to upper or lower case fields from the source spreadsheet has been added to the template tags.
  • A new template tag allows a single line to be hidden if it's corresponding field is empty in the spreadsheet.  (example: <name><!-- |specimen_id| OR HIDE-THIS-LINE --></name>)
  • Show if and hide if template tags no longer need to be left aligned in the template. These tags can be indented and spaced with the surrounding XML.
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