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Curiosity rover latitude/longitude coordinates at spectra data collection sites,


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Hello, Greetings!


We would like to know the local latitude/longitude coordinates of the Mars Curiosity rover at the time its ChemCam instrument collected the LIBS spectra and its APXS instrument collected APXS spectra data; how can we find this information? 



Thank you!


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Hi Jennifer, thank you for your reply regarding the MSL mission !


Where can I find the official rover localization data sets for the two rovers of the MER mission: Opportunity and Spirit? We are looking for the latitude and longitude coordinates of the two rovers' (Spirit/Opportunity) traverses?


Thank you for help in advance !

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Here is some updated MSL traverse information from MSL Deputy Project Scientist Joy Crisp:


(1) Approximate location maps are posted here - these will be updated more frequently, now that the rover has started its trek to Mount Sharp http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/mission/whereistherovernow/


(2) The validated SPICE data archived in the Planetary Data System provides the rover location information based on telemetry (archived in 90-sol batches ~ 6 months after receipt of data on the Earth). These data are included in the MSL SPICE archive available in the NAIF node holdings:



To figure out how to use these data, you would have to copy the whole or a subset of the archive to your computer and study the archive documentation and the general information (tutorials, lessons) on the NAIF web site http://naif.jpl.nasa.gov


(3) Unvalidated operations SPICE data files, providing up to the current Sol information, can be found here:



Note however that the data in (2) and (3) can be off by a few meters or even few tens of meters from the actual position, which can be determined by careful manual examination of images from the rover and comparison to orbital images.

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