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Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) Release 1, Part 2

Jennifer Ward

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Part 2 of the first release of data from the Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity, is now online at the PDS Geosciences Node.


Part 2 includes derived data products (RDRs) acquired on sols 0 through 89 (August 6 through November 5, 2012) for these instruments: APXS, CheMin, Hazcam, Navcam, REMS, and SAM, along with CheMin raw (EDR) data. 


Part 1, released February 27, 2013, included raw data products (EDRs) acquired on sols 0-89 for the APXS, ChemCam, DAN, Hazcam, Navcam, and REMS instruments, along with SPICE data.


Release of the following datasets has been delayed: ChemCam RDRs, DAN RDRs, and RAD EDRs and RDRs, and all MAHLI, MARDI, and Mastcam products.  These data sets will be released as soon as they are made available to PDS. 

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