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  1. A user want to use the LP NS special data products for hydrogen abundance at ~15 km/pixel for his research. He want to import it into ArcGIS Pro and run a tool to show only data point with hydrogen signatures > 100ppm since water-ice should be present close to the surface. The link to the archived LPNS data: https://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/missions/lunarp/reduced_special.html Below is the steps to access the data and do the conversion from an ASCII to a Geotiff in ArcGIS 1) Choose the data. The radius of the Moon is about 1737 km, which means the Moon scale is about 30 km/deg at the equator. scale = radius *2 *pi / 360 So for gridded data at 1/2 deg corresponds to about 15 km/pix. 2) Convert from an ASCII to a Geotiff in ArcGIS Pro. ‘ASCII To Raster’ is a deprecated tool in the ArcGIS Pro. The Copy Raster tool can be used in the ArcGIS Pro to convert an ASCII file representing raster data to a raster dataset. First prepare an ASCII file for ArcGIS Pro according to the information in https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/tool-reference/conversion/ascii-to-raster.htm. See attached example ASCII files. Suggest to change the file extension to *.asc to get better performance in ArcGIS Pro. Other extensions might have problem in the conversion. Then run the Copy Raster tool to make the conversion. hydrogenhd_mod.txt ironhd_mod.txt
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