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  1. Fantastic job! This is great... and a lot of work, obviously - so thank you all very much for this. Phil
  2. Thanks! This is going to be Soooo useful! I really appreciate the effort that has gone into this. And it was very useful to see a demo of it at LPSC. Phil
  3. Hi Tom - it was good to see the feature names being worked on when I saw the demo at LPSC. I am looking at Opportunity at the moment, and I certainly look forward to seeing the MER feature names when that function is available. (I know how time-consuming it is!). Right now the Notebook does not have the new name system, but it also has lost the old names function on the site maps. I can wait for the new version with names plotted on panoramas, but I would use the old system in the meantime if it were still available. To help me schedule that aspect of my work, can you suggest when feature
  4. Hi - I use the Notebook frequently for monitoring missions and finding data. Very useful, a great resource. But I want to ask about the names of features (such as small rocks or craters) and science targets on them. OK, so for MER I go to the site maps and I can make a map of a site out to a specified distance with feature names on it. I have overlaid those maps on vertical projection mosaics to identify rocks at some sites. (Why? I'm beginning to compile a map and image-based history of MER operations, having just done it for Viking and Pathfinder in a book due out next year).
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