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  1. Hello, Apologies for an elementary and probably ill-posed question. I'd like to use the lunar surface temperature data (so far I've been looking at DLRE GDR-L2 at various channels 1-7 & TBOL in level 3) for lesson purposes on determining the basic energy balance and temperature of planets/moons. I'm looking for some representative surface temperature data showing the large gradients in temperature between, e.g., the equator at noon and nightime, as well as a function of latitude. I can combine datasets obtained from multiple time intervals, but evidently I'm not understanding the data search completely, as some files have images of lunar temperatures (in the LunarOrbital Data Explorer/Data Product Search) with almost uniform values of 300-400 K everywhere on the lunar surface, which can't be right, so those must not be a snapshot in time.( E.g., I'm looking at a plot of a file DGDR_TBOL_AVG_CYL_20110111D_001_JP2.JP2). In any case, if someone can point me to the most appropriate data search for what I'm doing, would be appreciated. I don't need great spatial/temporal resolution, just enough data to create a few "broad" plots showing temperature as a function of time of day or latitude.
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