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  1. Hello June, Thank you so much. Yes sure if I need any help I will let you know.
  2. Hello June, Actually I am confused to select the exact option in Input geometry projection and output projection of geo-referencing. In customized map projection tool I have select Transverse Mercator as projection type and sample Transverse Mercator as projection name. Is it okay? I hereby attach some screenshots those steps regarding map projection for your reference. Please let me know is it okay? or I should change the projection regarding my RFL image? After geo-referencing how to compare my projected image with the LROC base map? Is this base map available in ODE site to download?
  3. Hello Mam, I am using M3 RFL image for mineral mapping in ENVI software. To do that I have to do geo-referencing on RFL image. My file id is m3g20090713t192732_v01_rfl. I have downloaded LOC file of my study area from ODE website. For geo-referencing I have to edit datum_text, ellipse_text and map_proj_text file in ENVI software installation. I don't understand what is the exact string to add for this image?For further processing I have to done map projection and here I am still stuck in it. Please help me to solve this. I hereby attach those three text files which I have edited in the last for your reference and also attach one screenshot image where in output projection those moon related options are not there. Please help me to solve this. datum.txt ellipse.txt map_proj.txt
  4. Actually I wanted to know how to add map_proj_txt and datum_txt in ENVI software of M3 RFL image to do edit of map projection. Can you please explain it in detail?
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