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  1. Tom or other... The ability to delete specific measurements has recently disappeared. Only the 'Delete All Measurements' is currently available. Perhaps this is an oversight. Just wanted to let you know as that is a valuable option to lose. Thanks Jimmy R
  2. Thank you for clearing that up. I notice how the example is the exact measurement in question. Nice job! lol thank you ! JRoberts
  3. Works beautifully now. Thank you for the quick response and action. It was working properly within an hour of my post. Nice... I have a question regarding the profile charts and the zero reference. Where the distance along the profile is 0m, the elevation is usually something other than 0m. My measurements normally report something like (0,2.042). My question is: Why is the profile elevation starting reference not the same as the one used for distance along the profile? I'm sure it's simple. Thank you for your help.
  4. The distance tool works great for me, but I am having issues with the profile tool. Each time I use it, an error is generated "Rats..." and I have to back out of the current image and then re-enter. At that time, I find a profile height has been successfully generated; however, once I try to view the profile, the error is generated again. Is there a known problem going on with this? Thank you... Jimmy R
  5. Tom, I truly appreciate the quick response. I realize this thread is three years old! We work with stereo pairs, creating stereoscopic LR and RL cross-view imagery. This site makes this much easier as you have the images already coupled. Thank you, your response makes sense and was helpful. Also, I would like to note that the instructions provided for using the measurement tools are very well presented. Nothing is vague and we truly, truly appreciate the time put in here on everything. Extreme value. Jimmy R
  6. Hello, Has the manner in which distance/scaling is determined via a tool been updated since this post? I do understand that a stereo pair is required, and Tom Stein gives a NAVCAM L/R as an example. Of course, those are considered stereo pairs. But you now have organized the L and R Mastcam images as pairs. I have not been able to activate the distance tool with these, though. Is is due to the fact that the L Mastcam images are wide angle, while the R shots are tight? Any help here is greatly appreciated. I am still learning my way around this site. Thanks, Jimmy R
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