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  1. Hi June... Thank you so much....
  2. Thnk you June. The datum and ellipse will be the same though right??? D_Moon_2000. This image below is the kind of image I am expecting as the final output when I add the images or put them together as output.
  3. Thank you so much June.... This is exactly what I wanted... So I assume, to near side, i replace 180.0, 0.0 to 0.0, 0.0??? otherwise all the same?
  4. Dear June, I am trying to make global scale representation of some mineral maps we have processed here in our lab. For that, we need to project the image and represent it in orthographic Near side and orthographic far side. Like the one available in LORC quick map projections. Can you help? Similar projections have been dispayed in many instances of Water discovery, moon mineralogy etc.
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