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    Thanks sir, but in my ENVI-software(5.4)i did't have"Moon Sinusoidal0 "Moon Equirectangular C0", "Moon Equirectangular C180". Can you share me the link where i get the projection system? and can you tell me which projection system is best suitable for south pole region of Moon? I have only "Moon North Polar Stereographic and Moon South polar Stereographic" projection system in my software.
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    Information missing after georeferncing of m3 data on south pole region(M3G20090203T163629_V01_RFL.IMG) using envi GLT. I georefernced the south pole region m3 data but after georefernce the data information are missing, the image is distorted and tilled. Can anybody help me? what is the correct procedure and why it was happening and what was wrong with me? or is there any data problem of south pole region? how will i correct my data. is there any other software which can help me...please help me.
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