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  1. Shashwat Shukla

    Assigning Map Information to PDS Images in ENVI

    Hello, Why do different subset of M3 data gives different spatial resolution while georeferencing through IGM method from ENVI using Lat and Long bands.? Kindly clarify this.
  2. Shashwat Shukla

    Getting ENVI to open your PDS image correctly

    Hello Sir, I am not able to open lsz_06613_2cd_eku_44n005_v1 MiniRF data in ENVI. I am getting the following error after opening the file after attaching the respective product label file in the "Edit ENVI Header" dialog box. Kindly guide me! Thanks, Kind Regards, Shashwat
  3. Hello, I am not getting the file. Could you provide me over here? I am facing issues downloading it. Thanking You, Shashwat