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  1. Hey thank you for responding to my earlier query. I believe the information you have supplemented will be enough to fix my program. Thanks again for such a quick response and have a great week!
  2. Hello, I am currently running into a similar issue as it seems people have before. I am writing an importer for Blender3D to use altimeter data from Mercury and Venus orbiters to create 3D height maps(spheres) of the two planets. The importer is done aside from reading in the data in the correct order. Sadly, I have no way of knowing how the information is ordered in the various .IMG files. When I try to mount them I am confronted with an error that states "The chosen file is corrupted". Any ideas or hints are appreciated. The file I have been using most recently is "MSGR_DEM_ASU_EQ_CATLS01_CF_85_I_V01.IMG". Again thank you for your time and any advice you can give.
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