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  1. Thank you! I had considered doing some basic geometry utilizing the distance between L and R cameras on Mastcam, the positions of a common point in both cameras' images, and the angular properties of each camera's field of view. I'll take a look at the X,Y,Z data... that sounds much more sensible.
  2. This is probably just exposing my ignorance, but how does one scale images from Opportunity? I get the mrad/pixel values, etc., but don't I still need distance to target to scale the image (or part of an image) to a metric like centimeters? Are the random Pancam images of a ball on a stick used somehow for this purpose? By exploring the MERB Notebook I can look at all of that wonderful data from each Sol, but I also understand there's supposed to be a SIS associated with each data package? Is this the same as viewing the PDS label? I was hoping that documentation would help resolve some of this issue. Again, I apologize for my ignorance. I've been searching for answers to these questions for a few days now and felt like it was about time to ask a question.
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