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  1. I think the size of my absorption feature should be acceptable then, thanks very much for the explanation FrankM. I'll look foward to testing out the new CAT release in June.
  2. Hello, I apologise if this is an extremely obvious question, but I'm very new to using CRISM data. I am using CAT v6.6 to process the frt00004af7_07_if164l_trr3.img of Hale crater while following the CRISM walkthrough tutorial of Nili Fossae from crism.jhuapl.edu/CRISM.../CRISM_Workshop_090322_Nili_Fossae_Walkthrough_FPS.pdf. Is it normal after completing atmospheric correction using the optimum wavelength volcano scan method, to still have an obvious CO2 absorption feature from 1.9-2.1 ┬Ám? If I then take a spectral ratio s1/s2, no recognisable spectral signature is apparent - as in the tutorial. Regards, EJA.
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