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  1. I'm a little new to the Analyst's Notebook, so maybe I'm just missing some basic background. I'm trying to get an idea of data products and visual context for some Spirit targets (at the moment, the El Dorado targets Gallant Knight, Shadow, and Edgar), and I'm having a tough time figuring out exactly which MI images show which feature. With some digging I can figure out the first two targets, but I can't find much for Edgar at all. When I do a document search on Edgar I get a downlink report saying that MI of it was taken on sol 710 (but I knew that already), and nothing more useful than this. When I do a target search, nothing comes up. It would be really nice to open up, say, a specific MI image, and see its feature and target names somewhere in the window, rather than buried in uplink and downlink reports that may or may not be helpful. Thanks!
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