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  1. Hello there, I have recently looked into Gilbert Levin's claim that there is evidence of martian life in the LR data from the 1976 Viking mission. But, after doing some analysis of the data I noticed a problem beyond in the data setshttp://pds-geosciences.wustl.edu/viking/vl1_vl2-m-lr-2-edr-v1/vl_9010/data/vl1c1ht.tab: In each of the experimental HT data frames I notice that there are unexplained peaks in temperature exceeding 50 degrees celsius. This is really strange!! I would like to know the following so that I may be able to replicate the experiment with terrestrial soil: i) What kind of nutrient solution was used? ii) What device was used to measure the temperature?(I suspect that this device is the origin of these large values for the temperature) Sincerely, Aidan
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